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AHS - Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists can help clients who have experienced an injury or are experiencing a chronic health condition to get back to meaningful everyday activities. This might include:

  • Self-care – getting dressed, eating, moving around the house

  • Being productive – going to work or school, participating in the community

  • Leisure activities- ability to participate in hobbies

CAOT - Occupational Therapy is...



An OT will try to find out why a client cannot do what they would like or need to do.  An OT may check:

  • Your physical abilities like strength, balance and coordination

  • Your mental abilities like memory, coping strategies, organizational skills

  • What materials or devices you use to participate in activities like furniture, utensils, tools or clothes

  • What social and emotional support is available to you at home, school, work or in the community, and

  • The physical setup of your house

  • We work in the hospital setting, long term care, outpatient rehabilitation and by doing home visits. We do accept self-referrals.

For more information please ask to speak with your local OT at 780-841-3201.