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Prenatal Classes

​AHS - Public Health

This classes are held in groups and taught by a community health nurse. Classes may be in the evenings or on Saturdays.

For more information,  please call

    • High Level Public Health  780-841-3230

    • Fort Vermilion Public Health  780-927-3391

    • La Crete Public Health  780-928-6800

    • Rainbow Lake Public Health  780-956-3646 

High Level Native Friendship Centre - Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

    • Provide education, nutritional supplements and support for prenatal and postnatal moms, babies and families who are looking for additional support.

For more information, please call 780-926-3355

North Peace Tribal Council -Prenatal Classes

    • prenatal classes available as needed, often one-on-one

For more information, please call 780-926-7839