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Palliative Care

​Palliative care is a very special care given to a person who is nearing the end of life. It is defined as active total care offered to a client with progressive disease and their family when it is recognized that the illness is no longer curable, in order to concentrate on the quality of life and the alleviation of distressing symptoms in the frameworks of coordinated care. May new advances have been made in services and technology that lengthen a person's life when he/she is suffering from a terminal illness. There is, however, a time when no further treatment can be given and a time when a person does not wish to have life prolonging interventions. It is through these various stages of life that this special type of care is so important.

The purpose of palliative care is to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to the dying clients and their families to address the diverse physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs that accompany the dying process. Palliative care is NOT to be used as a temporary/long-term continuing care placement for clients in need of acute care services, and it does not provide a one-to-one care giving situation. Palliative Care neither hastens nor postpones death. It provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms and integrates they psychological and spiritual aspects of care, thus focusing on quality of life as defined by the dying individual and their family. In addition, palliative care offers a support system to help relatives and friends cope during the client's illness and bereavement. There will be many unanswered questions because every question is different, and the loss of a loved one impacts everyone differently. The support, care, unconditional love and trust of families, friends, health care personnel and the community make the journey's end more peaceful and enable a person to life to the fullest , one day at a time.


Emily Horeck  - Alberta Health Services Discharge Planner & Placement Coordinator

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